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Rockstead Higo, Damascus Sigil

Discussion in 'For Sale: Custom Knives (Individual)' started by jon27, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. jon27

    jon27 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 12, 2015
    Couple up for grabs. Thanks.

    Rockstead Higo YXR7
    -LNIB, previous owner registered it, awesome knife just prefer the Shin and Kou. Comes with Box, COA and papers, thanks.
    Pics: https://imgur.com/a/zDOOPMP
    595FF shipped or 615GS shipped

    Damascus Sigil:
    Lnib as well, pics show condition well, a little finger oil in the pics lol. But yeah comes with box and stuff.
    Pics: https://imgur.com/a/Y0Ag26V
    980ff or 1000GS shipped.

    No trades on these, wanna free up some funds for other knives.
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  2. jon27

    jon27 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 12, 2015
    Higo has Sold, thanks BF.
  3. Jordan C

    Jordan C Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 19, 2019
    What size on the sigil ?
  4. blackend


    Dec 21, 2002
    DM sent
  5. Tacoma16


    Feb 8, 2020
    That Sigil is tempting!
  6. Honzinem


    Nov 4, 2016
    Hi Jon, may I ask you if yours Damascus Sigil is still available? And if so, would you ship it internationally?

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