So where's the karahawk?

Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by worshipNtribute, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. worshipNtribute


    Jan 12, 2012
    I've been scouring the internet for news on it but there doesn't seem to be any new information. Anyone have a clue if there are more specs, videos, or release date information? I saw one of the retailers post a preorder but I can't find anything else on it!

    I want one!
    Sal if you're reading this feel free to send me a prototype or production model for review :)
  2. Kwon Kwang

    Kwon Kwang

    Jul 7, 2013
    This is how I know this thing is going to sell like hotcakes.

    I'm not even that big on karambits and even I'm probably going to get one.:D
  3. MattinLA


    May 31, 2006

    I have never bought a Karambit or a Hawkbill, but I got some Karahawk money burnin' a hole in my pocket!
  4. Will Batayte

    Will Batayte

    Jan 8, 2007
    Anyone have a pic?
  5. Kwon Kwang

    Kwon Kwang

    Jul 7, 2013
    Production prototype.

  6. bengaiser


    Aug 26, 2000
    Nice, actually like the look of the wave on this one. I'm curious to see how this one feels in the hand...
  7. Will Batayte

    Will Batayte

    Jan 8, 2007
    Nice thanks!

    That's I stout looking karambit. And a wave. I'll have to pick one up.
  8. Sal Glesser

    Sal Glesser Moderator Moderator

    Dec 27, 1998
    Hi wqorship,

    Thanx for the interest. We just received a message that the production was pushed back a month. I'm guessing in the next 60 days barring any other unforseen problems.

    The prototype that I have is still being used by me, so I'm sorry, I can't send it to you .:eek:

  9. Will Batayte

    Will Batayte

    Jan 8, 2007
    I have to say it's nice when the owner of a company makes himself available to his customers. Other companies should follow your lead.
  10. 3f8


    Mar 5, 2013
    My pre-order is in. I'm ready! But my Emerson doesn't like this at all. I think I have enough love for both.
  11. lionesser


    Jul 11, 2013
  12. Liquid Cobra

    Liquid Cobra

    Feb 17, 2013
    Now we play the waiting game...some more. Will be worth it though!
  13. Fletcher.357


    Jul 6, 2013
    This thing is going to be awesome. Im really looking forward to it.
  14. Vampire Hunter D

    Vampire Hunter D

    Nov 26, 1999
    I've got mine pre-ordered. I hate waiting but I'm sure this one is worth it.
  15. JD Spydo

    JD Spydo

    Nov 20, 2004
    This is definitely one on my "gotta have" list. I just hope that they offer it in Spyderedge as well as plain edge. To me a Hawkbill of any type is so superior with a Spyderedge. Now don't get me wrong because Hawkbills with plain edges do have their place and I own a few of them already.
    But I do most of my pull cutting jobs with a serrated Spyderco Hawkbill whether it be the Harpy or the Spyderhawk for big jobs. The Spyderedged versions can just rip through about anything that you can cut or sever with a knife.

    I'm not really big on the Karambit type knives overall but I see this one in a different light all together. This one really looks like a martial arts version of Harpy more or less. I'm in but I sure want one in Spyderdge.
  16. Sal Glesser

    Sal Glesser Moderator Moderator

    Dec 27, 1998
    Hi JD,

    Current plan is plain edge only. We'll hide'n'watch reception and determine future runs from demand.

  17. kakefat


    Oct 28, 2011
    Preordered mine a week ago. It will be my first karambit and I can barely wait. Its the first folding karambit that I actually like the design of. The fox and emerson karambits just doesnt look as appealing.
  18. urza


    May 20, 2010
    I've carried an Emerson Super Karambit for years now and I really want it to have some EDC competition. Really looking forward to this. :)

    Thanks for the update Sal!
  19. Choke


    Dec 11, 2010
    Definitely looking forward to this knife! I love that the clip can be switched around for left side carry and/or forward draw (my preference for karambits).
  20. GIRLYmann


    Nov 7, 2005
    luckily i m way past having to ask dad for permission to buy anything...

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