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**SOLD** TAD Knee/Elbow (Fl)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Gadgets & Gear (Individual)' started by G-2, May 14, 2013.

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  1. G-2


    Feb 21, 2006
    1-**SOLD P/F**
    Want to sell my USMC ILBE Gen2 pack in USMC digital woodland color. This pack is in good shape with everything Structurally Outstanding. This pack has the lid, as well as the shoulder straps, hip belt and hydration pouch. Everything works well as it should and the pack is not uncomfortable to wear. This pack in rated for 120lbs of gear your back will make the actual difference in how much weight you’ll be able to carry. This is an excellent BOB (Bail Out Bag) and with hurricane season heading this way, this will be an excellent pick up. This pack is available in the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area ONLY for face to face pick up (no shipping on this one). Price is $50.00 cash. No Trades Please.

    TripleAughtDesign TAD Recon Hoodie from 2009. This is an XXL in M. E. Green. TAD gear is made in the USA. This is now called the Ranger Hoodie LT and is Polartec WindPro just like the Recon Hoodie. This has not been worn more than 5 times and has spent it’s life folded up in a closet at my home. It has it entire life in it and ahead of it. These are great for 3-4 seasons of the year, are incredibly warm, dynamic, and adaptable with pockets, and rings in the pockets and the like. Price is $165.00 paypal’d and delivered ConUS ONLY. No trades please.

    4-The Elbow and knee pads are TAD Pro Standard Elbow/Knee pads. They work in the TAD jacket and hoodies that take them, and they work in the other combat shirts and trousers they’ve been placed in. Price is $15.00 paypal’d and delivered ConUS ONLY. No trades please.

    Please contact me with any questions. USPS MO is also an acceptable payment method for those who’d prefer. No Trades Please.
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  2. B33J


    Oct 20, 2011
    I'll take the hoodie.
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