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Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by ncrockclimb, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Triton

    Triton Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 8, 2000
    It strikes me that there are basically an infinite number of quality honest makers out there. I do not support con artists even on the secondary market.
  2. Sagemode


    Jul 10, 2017
    You got that right. I don't even take the 3 knives that I got from them out of the house anymore. So many good knives out there and I will take LT or Fiddleback over Survive baloney out anymore. I ought to film a torture test to see if it holds up to the hype. Anyone that does business with them are in for a long wait. The lies will never end and they have a play book of stories to tell people. I remember 3 years ago when I ordered the 5.1 and it was going to start production soon so you best order now and now 3 years later they are not even close to starting that model. Never fear when more people get a refund they will only have to send out so many knives and can sell the preorders as 2nds and then equipment failure or they will have to move again and then start that model when conditions are right.
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  3. Hale Storm

    Hale Storm Kydex Whisperer Gold Member

    Sep 18, 2013
    You "recently" ordered a 4.1 from "their site" and received it in within 3 days? I find that hard to believe when there are thousands of customers who have been waiting YEARS to get their orders filled. Looks like a duck.
  4. Sonnydaze

    Sonnydaze Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    I've had several LT's and Fiddlebacks and they are excellent knives. But, my hand has a much better (stickier) grip on the S!K models. So many Survive torture tests have been done over the yrs that have proven the knife. I have a GSO 3.5 and a GSO 4.1 that are excellent, and have owned at least seven others over the yrs, including some from the Gettysburg years.
    Nobody defends their business practices, but many new models are often seen here on the Exchange and you can bypass dealing with the company.
    If you don't use your three knives, then sell them and buy the brands that you enjoy.
    I DO understand your anger, but cutting off your nose to spite your face is not helping you in any way.
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  5. Sagemode


    Jul 10, 2017
    True many have survived the torture test but many have broken too. Try getting them to do anything about it since they can't produce anything in a time frame even a slow business would do. What do you mean they sell their new models here on the Exchange as I thought they were ban from this forum. As far as many knives for sale I would have to say that is not true. One of the areas of frustration is few are getting their knives. It factored into their business model. Take in money and earn interest on it till people ask for a refund. Trust me you can live well on interest of millions after 2 or 3 years before people give up and then you can make a few hundred knives and be done with it. It is kind of sad to say that a person should not deal with a company first hand. Once upon a time they made knives in less than a year but now 4 years and getting longer. They scrub the net of information so they can continue to deceive people. I don't use their knives because they are not that great at anything that I do. I tried cleaning fish with them and nope "not even the 3.5 GSO " The 5.0 GSO doesn't do a good job either. Sure most can be beaten through a rebar or cinder block but nobody does that in the real world with their blade. The new 7/7 that I picked up on the 2nd market cuts better. Can you bushcraft with it or carve with it well and the answer is no so it fails the primary function of a knife. A sharpen crowbar will do the same thing a GSO will do. As far as not using their knife or promoting their blade is a choice I made not to promote their fraud upon the people anymore. They lie about everything and I don't even trust that their steel is what they say it is. You like the grip because of the bead blasting and many makers use that on their handles. I would take O1 from a good maker and can do everything people do with their 3V from Survive. You want a good knife that cost about the same and is custom and you can have it in 4 months try William Collins out. Now he closed the custom shop till he catches up but the production blades will be more than you can ever hope for and the grip will put Survive to shame. I hope one day they will get their act together but I don't see it changing. Remember the 7/7 were all done and inspected in the last quarter of 2016 an here in 2019 they are not done with the pre orders yet. How many monthly sales did they have before the first person got their preorder? For me to sell my knives wouldn't stop me from telling people about their scam. I had to cancel 2 orders after 2.5 years of waiting and good call for me because 4 years later they have not even started making my knife. Taking orders for the 5.1 in May of 16 and I must say by May 2020 they will not have even started then add 3 years to get them out the door is a good estimate and your looking at 7 years. Even the fanboys of the private FB page don't order from them but bash the ones that do. How about they refund everyone's money and work and send the knives they claim they have steel for the hassle they caused people. How about they send the knives people canceled for if they waited longer than 2 years on for free. 2 years is 3 times longer than normal for them before they did the things they did. How is that new S.K! line going that was going to speed things up and people were told to shut it because they just didn't understand. They were suppose to go out in 8 months like 2 years ago. You seem like a decent person so I am sorry if it sounds like I am preaching. Have a great week and enjoy the outdoors with the tools you decide to use. I know super steels and torture test sounds neat but over 90% of normal people will never need that toughness. Chances of being in a survival situation where a knife has to be unbreakable by any means is not going to happen. The A2, O1, or even 1095 from ESEE will be more than enough to do whatever comes your way. We often feel like we have to have the best and newest steel out there. Do you know that people are telling me my GSO 5.0 is crap now because of Delta 3V when just a few years ago the same ones said it would never break and last a life time. Oh last thing William Collins heat treat to me and many others is better than Peters. I can baton or whatever without damage in the O1 or AEB-L. Now to take my LT or Busse and go and get some dirt time with nature. Think about it have you ever broken a Mora? Any knife if abused will break at some point if you baton it month after month or hit it wrong.
  6. Sagemode


    Jul 10, 2017
    No he worded it like a sleuth to make like that was the case. He ordered it from a person selling it from their knife store and it was shipped in 3 days. Survive had nothing to do with the shipping time. If you sold him one and over night it he would say Survive got a blade to him in x time by x means but word it to help them.
  7. bubbaskyjacker

    bubbaskyjacker Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    I got my 5.1 in less than a year , rolled the dice on a gso 12. , well crapping out. Shape of the blade changed from pre order to production , blanks were cut out over a year ago. they have been surface grinding for 6 months. Allegedly.. I may just take the 15% hit and get a refund even though I waited 80 percent of the time.

    This company is a junk show
  8. craytab

    craytab Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 26, 2012
    What was the timeline on the 12? Also, what did they change? Are you saying that if you cancel, you will be hit with a 15% restocking fee?

    Your clarification on these questions could help potential victims, errr... customers avoid being ripped off in the future.
  9. mattmanyam


    Apr 28, 2010
    Curious about the 15% deal, also... (I haven't heard this before... If so, it's another big wrinkle in this fiasco!)
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  10. bubbaskyjacker

    bubbaskyjacker Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 24, 2008
    DE0C59F9-6C1E-43D9-B7DA-1B687CD45CB0.jpeg The blade shape changed, above is the one I ordered. The new version Still not a bad blade , but not what I ordered.

    the time line has never been really told. 9/7/18 the GSO 12 blades were being heat treated. Was it heat treated on its orbit of the sun ? One year ago!!!!!! It makes no sense.

    They charge a 10 percent cancellation fee. So I’d be out about 60$. It’s on their website.

    2 years down the tube. Just requested a refund.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  11. Boru13

    Boru13 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Mod Moderator

    Apr 25, 2000
    Cancellation fee for something that doesn’t exist :rolleyes:

    They’ve got scamming people out of money down to a science.
  12. NWPilgrim

    NWPilgrim Basic Member Basic Member

    Aug 1, 2019
    Also hard to believe a company that has such a well developed scamming strategy and aggressive PR damage control is on the other hand keeping its integrity as to type of steel, heat treats and other craftsmanship aspects. Sure they may have made some knives with 3V and made some torture test videos, but are the few knives they actually deliver really the same build quality? I would not trust the craftsmanship to be honest if the sales and order fulfillment practices are so misleading and false.
  13. danbot

    danbot Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 31, 2009
    They just don't like being screwed around by their customers cancelling orders. Their time is very valuable!
  14. benchwarmer380

    benchwarmer380 Valyrian Member Platinum Member

    Sep 17, 2012
    I would agree with your general assumption, but from just an observer's perspective, it looks like the knives that they put out are up to or at least close to their standards in quality. I say this because of the amount of folks that have jumped the line by ordering a second and statng that they can't find any faults in said "second".

    Putting out (eventually) a good knife is likely their only saving grace that keeps the preorders on the books. I'd wager that if word got out that after years of waiting they're now producing crap, the number of new refund requests would tank them with a quickness.
  15. danbot

    danbot Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 31, 2009
    No. They would still be thinking that they will get one of the "good ones".:rolleyes:

    Survive! should have figured out a loooong time ago how many knives they could consistently put out in a year (at their desired level of quality) and they had no business accepting any pre-paid orders above that capacity.
  16. beattheheat


    Jan 13, 2018
    just my opinion,to all the people who jumped the line by ordering a "second" and stating they couldn't find any faults,maybe the fault was bad heat treatment?
  17. danbot

    danbot Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 31, 2009
    No. The "fault" was that Survive! needed cash and fulfilling pre-paid, years old orders doesn't generate cash.
    (Sorry, pre-paid suckers!).
  18. Boru13

    Boru13 Super Moderator Staff Member Super Mod Moderator

    Apr 25, 2000
    As long as idiots keep donating money to their GoFundMe business practice, they'll have cash and survive :rolleyes:

    Eventually though, that Ponzi scheme will come to an end... going to be some dumb asses left holding the bag when that happens.
  19. Hale Storm

    Hale Storm Kydex Whisperer Gold Member

    Sep 18, 2013
    I hope you're right. It's a shame it takes so long for these people and companies to wash out. The list of available shenanigans they manage to pull to prolong the fraud is disturbing to say the least. It would be nice to see some legal prosecutions for some of this fraud that would slow down others from the practice of it. Survive!Knives, Dan Koster, Sketchen Scales, and many others. The list is out there and posts here go back for all of these for many years.
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  20. palonej

    palonej Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Aug 5, 2015
    How true. Let’s not forget the other scale making POS shepardcc. Seems he made a couple sets for Shabazz and he’s getting plugs in his vids.
    Not cool.
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