Taking apart knives - part 2

Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by Sal Glesser, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Taking apart knives – part 2

    I’d like to thank all of you for the great information on the issue mentioned. My primary purpose for the thread was more to raise awareness that it is a problem and hope that just the greater awareness would help contribute to reducing the problem. Many people didn’t ever realize it was a problem.

    I stayed out of the discussion because I really needed your input without my opinions involved. With the many posts, I have a lot to study.

    FYI, we don’t plan to pin our knives or make it impossible for you to take them apart. We will continually try to make them stronger so if you do take them apart, it will be more difficult to damage them. (Eg: the case of the flippers & the washers). Trying to add something to determine “IF” they were taken apart is probably not something we can expect dealers to pay much attention to, especially dealers like Amazon. Also it becomes a “policing action” which has its own issues.

    I would hope that you will discourage others from returning tampered knives and if you were doing it, you now know it is a problem. Fruitful discussion. (I will be discussing the shipping of internal parts on another thread).

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  2. Chris "Anagarika"

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    If Spyderco demands the dealers to inspect returns just by the tamper proof seal, Spyderco can enforce it by refusing the dealers’ returns if they don’t comply. It’ll be their loss wouldn’t it be, as educated customers will not accept such products as NEW and they have to stuck with the inventory. Do I get this correctly?

    It’s possible the dealers would then not carrying Spyderco if they consider the profit doesn’t justify. However, dealer can also choose to refuse a return and pass this to the ‘tinker & return’ customers. Would this be exactly where the problem originated and now it gets hit right there?
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  3. JNewell


    Nov 18, 2005
    I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think there's a decent solution here. It comes down to whether or not people will take personal responsibility for their actions (like disassembling and effing up a knife) or return it and dishonestly put the burden on someone else to deal with or pay for their decisions and acts.

    We live in an era where the first three things out of people's mouths are I didn't do it, if I did it isn't my fault, and if it's my fault I shouldn't have to pay for the consequences.
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    You forgot:

    I am entitled to....
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  5. JNewell


    Nov 18, 2005
    Well, that makes me feel even better! ;)
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    Feb 10, 2015
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  7. MyLegsAreOk


    Aug 31, 2017
    On Omegas they use a white locktite on the bracelets and a green on the caseback. I don't know if that's proprietary but you can get some special loctite maybe? If you can tell it's not the real loctite charge them for the warranty or deny it. Just kinda saying stuff but I did see that loctite on there and it is how they can tell you fiddled around in there.
  8. Blade_Hunter


    Feb 23, 2020

    Sal -

    I have carried small byrds for a decade but did not get my first serious folder until this past week - a PM2, a Manix2 and a Para3, all in S110v and all off eBay. While awaiting the arrival of the PM2 I started watching Youtubes and discovered the counterfeiting problem. When the PM2 arrived I was afraid it was counterfeit. Needing to make a decision quickly if I was to return it, and with no where else to turn (I tried in vain to register on your forum), I decided that only by seeing the insides of the knife would I know if it was authentic. Voiding the warranty was the least of my concerns -- I did NOT want to own a counterfeit PM2 nor did I want to waste $170. I have for years done my own trigger jobs on 1911's and other arcane hobby-gunsmithing and home/auto parts replacement jobs, including dealing with various thread-lockers many times, so I watched a guy on Youtube take a Spyderco apart and dove in. I was glad to discover you had eliminated the Red Loc-Tite spoken of in some videos, as I did not know how heat-tolerant the G10 scales would be with a soldering iron. :)

    Once the knife was apart I realized it was almost certainly authentic. No scammer would go to the trouble you do with internal parts that would normally never be seen by the purchaser. I carefully put it back together after cleaning and lightly lubing the action parts, and I am happy to report that it works fine. I can now relax and enjoy this wonderful new (authentic) tool. I plan to use my new Spydercos for processing deer, caribou, etc., which means I may want to take another one apart in the future to clean it when I am miles back in the Alaska bush, just as I do the bolts in my Rem. 700 rifles if they need it.

    So here is where I am -- if I ever need "warranty" work on a Spyderco I have disassembled/re-assembled I will be completely up front and admit what I have done and offer to pay you for whatever repairs I need. From the obvious quality of your knives, it seems unlikely any of your parts would ever fail absent abuse or accident anyway.

    But, I can imagine the problems you see from less mechanically inclined yahoos taking your extremely well made, but intricate and precision, knives apart. I certainly would not recommend that anyone do it -- just mail it to Spyderco and let the pros do it.

    Now, on another subject -- I sure wish there was a pocket clip that was easy to use but that was not prone to being caught by seat-belts, fishing line and high grass and used to silently strip my knife out of my pocket. Something like an articulated end you could snap down flush once you have the knife in place in the pocket, and snap up to make it easy to extract.

    Other than that the only fault I can find with your knives is that you make so many great ones. A guy could go broke buying all the models and steels he needs. :)

    Thank you for making the lives of so many people so much better with your wonderful knives.
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