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Discussion in 'Himalayan Imports' started by firkin, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. firkin


    Jan 26, 2002
    One of those delightful long thin boxes arrived yesterday.

    It contained a "plain "YCS. Less than 3 weeks after I ordered it. That's pretty darn fast.

    What can one say? This is one purty piece of steel. Beautiful fullers. The edge had a couple of flat and hollow parts and the bevel is slightly off, one side is flatter and nearly concave, but some extra sharpenings should completely fix both right up. Somebody with a belt grinder could probably take care of it in 2 minutes. Have to find something to be picky about, right?

    It looks like a big blade, feels like a much smaller blade in the hand. That is until you chop--then it feels like a GIANT blade. It seems to be almost all sweet spot and much less shock is transmitted to the hand than my GS and AK. The large diameter handle fits perfectly, and may play a factor in this, but I'm sure the blade design does too. I definitely wouldn't split knotty wood or pry with this relatively thin-edged blade, but if carefully used I think one could chop down a pretty large tree with this. I did get it stuck once in the log, but it came out easily. It feels like a super-thin felling axe. Steel buttcap and the bolster looks like silver over brass (???) there's a strip where the joint is where underlying brass is visible. Very clean brass-inlaid sword of shiva and well-finished cho. Scabbard well done (a little loose, as appears to be usual), with what looks like a nickel-silver chappe. The throat is a little sloppy, and there's fold in the leather, which I've of course sliced up, but I plan to work there to tighten it up anyway.

    The two kardas and the awl are very well executed--the triangular awl is a feat of hand-grinding. The kardas are smaller than I expected from the description-- both are about 5 1/2" overall. Like the large blade, they are big knives in a little package with enough recurve to be be great slicers. One has a 2 7/8 blade and is a little more slender than the other which has a 2 5/8 length and 3/4 width. Don't know if these are the typical size for the "plain" version, but the description of the fancy model has them at about 8" and 7" OAL. I do wish the handles were a tad longer, about 3/8" longer. They don't really get back against my little finger. Those with large hands may need to specify dimensions on these. Anyway, they are both a heck of a little knife. A little sawdust-epoxy fill is needed around the handle pins.

    Kesar made it--pretty funny, I somehow have manged to get every khuk I own made by him.

    One nice set-up and enough wood to keep me going for a while!!
  2. Bill Martino

    Bill Martino

    Mar 5, 1999
    Thanks for report from the field, Fir.

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