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Titanium pry tools PDW and Tietz Ursa

Discussion in 'For Sale: Gadgets & Gear (Individual)' started by Spikediesel, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Spikediesel

    Spikediesel Spare time SAK builder Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Apr 14, 2018
    Hey everyone, up for sale are two brand new Titanium pry tools. First up is a Tumbled finish Jason Tietz Ursa from the most recent drop, price: $85 shipped. Second is a Prometheus Design Werx PB&J, price $old shipped. Thanks for looking!

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  2. nikoknife48

    nikoknife48 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    I’ll take PB&J per our PM

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