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    Any one else here have any longtime Spyderco traditions? (Besides the annual pilgrimage to the SFO seconds sale. ;))

    One of mine has been giving all three of my kids their first pocket knife on Christmas morning, with all of them being Spyderco Ladybugs (which was my first Spyderco when I was younger, the year they first came out). Through some luck, some help from Sal, and a little modification, all three of my kids got their favorite colors. :thumbsup:

    My youngest just got her knife this year. Problem was, Spyderco doesn't currently make a pink Ladybug. :( They did make one in the past, and I had one (it's still around somewhere), but it was quite some time ago and that particular knife has seen better days. So instead, I made a pink one! :D




    The 2020 distributor-exclusive, glow-in-the-dark, special edition to the rescue!!! And some RIT dye for the win! :cool: :thumbsup:



    The GITD FRN material takes dye quite well, I barely had the handle in the dye for a minute. It actually looked a bit too dark initially, but I used the RIT dye "fixative", which removed some of the dye from the surface and lightened it up perfectly (the fixative removes excess dye to prevent it from transferring to you, your clothes, etc).

    Process went really well, and was pretty easy. Heat some water in a pan, add some dye, and dunk the handle. In this case, I used the RIT dye that's specifically meant for synthetic materials, their "DyeMore". To dunk it and swirl the handle around, I used a piece of stainless steel wire, tied loosely through the lanyard hole. Checking the color often, once I had the color close, I rinsed in cool water, then repeated the process with the fixative. The slightly yellowish water/fixative liquid mixture was pretty pink after about a minute or two of swirling the knife handle around. Once it didn't appear to be getting any pinker, I removed the handle and again rinsed in cool running water. Once dried off, I had the part you see in the first photo.

    All three of their knives. Yep, this all started 8 years ago. :)



    Thank you @Sal Glesser and the Spyderco crew!!! :) :thumbsup:
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    Mar 14, 2018
    Curious if the dyed frn glows still?

    While it wasnt my first, my dad gave me a Buck 55 when i turned 18. In my time I have gifted knives to several people, especially those that didnt have a knife, or at least a decent one. Probably will not have kids so thats as close as I will get! :)
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    Very cool Dad.

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    Feb 16, 2012
    My late grandfather gave me my first knife, at 8yr old. It was a RadioShack exclusive, SAK electrician's model. (30yrs ago)..

    I gave my son and daughter both there first knife at 8.. My son now 15, has a ZDP Delica with Boomer52 scales, Ikuchi, and just got a Factory 2nd Para 3 Maxamet for Christmas..

    My daughter got a purple Ladybug at 8 and now at 11, a purple DF2, for Christmas.
    Which she is carrying IWB, since. She likes having a clip and can carry it with her.

    My nephew is getting a G10 DF2, for Christmas, this year(when they come to town for New Year's). His first knife at 16.. My sister is a little over protective... Lol..
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    Tradition? Perhaps not...because I hope it only happens once...but my best man and all my groomsmen received a Spyderco on my wedding day in 1999.

    I also gave one to the bride’s dad.
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    When they were mature enough, kids in my family receive delicas as presents at Xmas time.

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