Update #4, Completion

Discussion in 'Evans Knife and Tool' started by Brian.Evans, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. BillNye


    Jun 10, 2016
    I'm interested in an overrun too, pending the information about the scales and options available.
  2. Pdrush


    Mar 8, 2017
    Firstly congrats Brian. Its been a journey of trials and tribulations, but you got there in the end. Hopefully now you've got a reliable supplier lined up, for your next project I hope it would be slightly easier.

    Thank you for your efforts, and looking forward to receiving the knife.
    P.S. I'm also keen to buy a 1-2 extra's, as Christmas is just around the corner.
  3. alemam


    Apr 20, 2017
    Hello Brian,

    On July 31 I sent you the updated delivery address from Yahoo email (not the same as I use here). Name's Alexander M. Did you update the address?

    Best regards
  4. rabbivj


    Jan 1, 2007
    wow they're finally done. Even tho I got out a few months back, since there is a large # of overruns i may be interested in getting one if possible.
  5. cccmak126


    Apr 20, 2017
    Awesome!!!!!!!! I might be interested in purchasing more sales or a complete set if they are available!! And I'm already interested in what is to come!!! My money is waiting!!!
  6. Pacino1911


    Apr 2, 2017
    I'd like to know if you have any extra sets of scales that you're going to be selling and also would like to know how much for an overrun knife too.
  7. Wizat


    Nov 23, 2015
    Do we request a second knife or set of scales from here or request by email?
  8. Barrettboy

    Barrettboy Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 20, 2016

    But how much is an extra knife now? And can people add extra scales at this stage?

    Good on you mate.
  9. Crackcase


    Jul 27, 2013
    Hi Brian, I've emailed you a few times and have not heard back from you. Can you please reply to me and confirm some information. Thanks.
  10. blue333

    blue333 Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 1, 2016
    Congrats Brian!

    Put me down for x1 of your overruns.
    Is this the best way to secure a knife by replying?
    I also emailed you a few months back about getting on the list.
    So awesome to see the whole enchilada!
    Congrats again and a Happy Thanksgiving to All!!
  11. Gary W. Graley

    Gary W. Graley “Imagination is more important than knowledge" Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 2, 1999
    Kudos to those that hung in there to end, the knives look great!

    You guys be sure to post a lot of pictures!

    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  12. Bygbyrd


    Feb 7, 2017
    Since its all in your hands now(literally) whats our ETA?
  13. Bladejunkiejohney5


    Jun 24, 2016
    They look great! I can't wait. Will we be notified by email once they ship? Also are there any more scales available for purchase? Thanks in advance.
  14. OddFuture


    Sep 24, 2011
    Looking awesome!!! Been here since day one, is there anywhere I can purchase some extra scales? The micarta is looking fierce.
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  15. SV-97


    Aug 18, 2016
    Yeah, If there still are some scales up for grabs I'd also bei interested
  16. Rudy.357mag


    May 26, 2017
    If none of my information has changed since I ordered and paid for the companion and my extra set of handles, do I have to send you any information, or do anything?
  17. Pacino1911


    Apr 2, 2017
    I'm thinking the same thing
  18. toddmcneiley


    Aug 13, 2012
    Cant wait to get mine, they look so amazing!
  19. tylerlong1997


    Apr 5, 2017
  20. Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson

    Apr 20, 2017
    Hey Brian, this is great news. I've hung in there knowing you would get it done in the long run, no pun intended. I just had one small issue with the kydex sheath, since this is a neck knife the sheath doesn't have the same or similar shape and hole design as the original one did it's going to be difficult to make it work right. I don't suppose you have any of the original sheaths that I could buy from you?

    P.S. I would also be interested in buying an additional knife, please let me know details.

    Thanks a million!!!!
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