What floats your boat in 2021

Discussion in 'Cold Steel Knives' started by dogstar, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. dogstar


    Jan 23, 2011
    Which new products are you most excited about?

    For me:
    Drop Point Voyager
    Demko Hawk
  2. insta9ves


    Apr 3, 2007
    Was Mini Recon 1, until I realized that they now have plastic handles.

    Maybe Tilite Kris if the price was right.
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  3. upnorth

    upnorth Basic Member Basic Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    Drop point Voyager is quite interesting. And the Mini Leatherneck caught my eye. It is too bad that the blade and grip are on the smallish end, for those with larger hands. If it ended up too small I could always mail them off to a few lady friends. I know two off the top who purse carry. Might be a good little purse knife for them. Or something fun to drop in my front pocket. Dunno, interesting in the dagger version though.
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  4. Man with no name

    Man with no name

    Jun 24, 2015
    I like some of the knives in 3V steel but unless the prices drop substantially will not be purchasing them. But there is one new knife that really stands out and is quite affordable, the Drop Forged Bowie. I like it enough that I might even get more than one!
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  5. Larry Turko

    Larry Turko

    Oct 4, 2007
    Both are cool but I'm especially happy about the drop point Voyager. I think it's long overdue. I'm also looking forward to the XL serrated kris Ti-Lite.
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  6. GCG199


    Apr 26, 2001
    I will be picking up a drop point Voyager 4-inch and a brown or olive drab Range Boss.
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  7. hermit dave

    hermit dave

    Jul 19, 2011
    Everyone clamors for CS's big bowies in 3V. They do it and nothing but complaints about the price. The street price is always a lot lower. Try and find similar knives in 3V, 5/16 stock.
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  8. Man with no name

    Man with no name

    Jun 24, 2015
    Warcraft Tanto, 7.5" blade, 13 oz and DLC coating with G-10 scales, $190 street price!
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  9. SeanODCS


    Aug 1, 2007
    Drop point Voyager XL
    Drop Forged Bowie ( as a Trail Master substitute) I assume it is in 52100 but did not see a steel mentioned on the web site.
    Talwar depending on the eventual price at KC. Wonder why they didn't make it in Aus-10A ?
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  10. Chris_Texas


    Apr 2, 2020
    Talwar (perhaps both versions)
    3V Trailmaster or 3V Recon Scout (note, i dont expect either will actually drop)
    XL Voyager drop point
    Lynn Thompson signature whatever it's called
    AD15 lite

    Without checking too closely it seems like they have really jacked their prices up. Compare, for example, the AK47 (140 at most retailers) to what they are asking at Cold Steel now. Moving along, I love the idea of a 3V Trailmaster, but it's a tough sell at over 400 with a sheath like that. Leather or Kydex, if Condor can manage that Cold Steel damn well should too. I shouldn't have to budget in a decent sheath with a knife that's more expensive than a Bark River.
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  11. Chris_Texas


    Apr 2, 2020
    Fair point, but they are listing these for close to five hundred with a crap sheath. That's a lot of money for any brand. And if I pay that kind of money I expect everything to be perfect and probably made here in America.

    I will be honest here, to me these are worth a few hundred in 3V, tops. Others will certainly pay more, but I don't know that I will.
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  12. Man with no name

    Man with no name

    Jun 24, 2015
    Hell, I woild have been happy if the knives that were promised in A2 had been delivered. Actually, I still hope that somebody is working on that project behind the scenes. I would purchase at least one of each model. And while the 3V models are welcome, I have other fish to fry.
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  13. strideruser

    strideruser Basic Member Basic Member

    Sep 1, 2008
    But until we know the street price i don't blame people for questioning.. we are talking custom knife prices for a mass produced knife. I don't profess to be a manufacturering expert but I bet the cost of 3v verses a2 vs o1 vs whatever is not a huge jump (enough to double the cost to the end user) in the overall price picture. I imagine the total cost is made up with almost everything but materials...

    Anyway...its like anything, if you think its to much you won't buy it... I am still in for a Talwar or two! :)
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  14. DocJD


    Jan 29, 2016
    I think they will have to . :mad::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:

    The market rules ...eventually . Core Cold Steel fans are value conscious , not suckers bent over and happy ! :rolleyes:
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  15. Chris_Texas


    Apr 2, 2020
    For perspective O1 Trailmasters retailed for about $150-160. San Mai adds another hundred to that maybe.
  16. sharp_edge

    sharp_edge Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 30, 2015
    Drop point voyager is a good addition to the lineup but I feel people raved a bit too much about it. I mean both functionally and aesthetically how hugely it is different from the clip point?
  17. daybd


    Oct 13, 2006
    I was hoping to get that HoldOut finally. Till I saw the price tag :(

    Same thing on the Mini Recon1. Wanted it SO bad but FRN handle is a deal breaker.
  18. desmobob


    May 5, 2003
    Not hugely different, but different enough. I've always preferred a drop point for field dressing whitetails and for aesthetics, so that tends to be my favorite blade style. I was able to get my favorite blade style in the Recon 1 and now I'm happy to hear I can get it in the Voyager. I do have a clip point Voyager L and a Vaquero XL, and I'll definitely buy a drop point.
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  19. deadzonepatrol


    Apr 11, 2019
    According to LT, the higher cost is mostly from the grinding operations. 3V takes a toll on the equipment. Maybe takes more time to produce also.
  20. deadzonepatrol


    Apr 11, 2019
    Yeah, I get you. Close to 500 msrp, probably will be about 400 street price with MAP. If Bark River made them, they might be about 300-350. Somewhere along the line, 50 bucks disappeared. Maybe because it's made in Italy. At that price, why couldn't they make it here in USA? But as hermit dave said above, no one else is making such knives in 3V. They're great designs. I'll probably end up getting at least one.

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