What's the best looking fixed blade in your opinion?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Herr_Noobien, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. TAH

    TAH Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 3, 2001
    Hard to beat a Buck 124 Frontiersman...:)

  2. zombieassassin

    zombieassassin Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    No it's not
  3. TAH

    TAH Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 3, 2001
    That is a great looking knife, but I like the 124 better. :p :thumbup:
  4. paul'ie


    Jun 6, 2012
    Say Heah Guys, I'm a Busskin, I think my Anneversary Straight Handle Battle Mistress LE is Simply TiT's, Beautiful. I also think my Sarge 7 is Sweet. I have others, but my INFI RatManDu is a Good Looker and I had it thinned down and a high Saber grind and blip, blap, blam it's a awesome functioning knife too. Infact I have two of them, I paired one off with my A.S.H.B.M. LE, and the other with my Nuclear Meltdown Fussion Steel Heart the Sarge 7 with my Son of Badger and I can add on the Anneversary Mean Street LE with any of the pairs. I also got a INFI Steel pair that's similar to one of my Fav's combos my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4 I went with the Busse Combat Steel Heart Ergo and the Badger Attack Ergo great matching set that's similar to my Swampies. But as far as good looking, I think my Bokor Magnum Series Vox Collection 2011 is Simply TiT's, Beautiful, Gorgeous. It's a 6"+ 440c. Infact we're going out soon and I like matching my knives. I don't do it to be extravagant or to play childish games, But I just like to match my knives and I buy them in pairs sometimes. On our next trip I already picket what I'm tslking..The Himalayan Imports M-43 with the Black Buffalo Horn Handle and full tang is being paired off with the Vox 2011 Collection, the polished Black Canvas Micarta is a good match and for the smaller knife for my delicate work is my two fold Vintage Myerchin Pocket Knife, in 440c. just like the Vox 2011 Collection with Black Scales and even the blade matches a little which is sort of a modified Warrencliff blade but surprisingly a nice match, it's a robust folder big enough to do some serious work..So yrah, for a good looking knife the Retro design of the Vox Collection 2011 is Simply TiT's.
  5. shqxk


    Mar 26, 2012
  6. gadunz


    Dec 4, 2012
    Gen purpose deluxe. Slight upswept.
  7. Kwon Kwang

    Kwon Kwang

    Jul 7, 2013
    In my opinion, Cold Steel's (sadly discontinued) R1 Military Classic is among the most beautiful knives ever made.


    If not, it has got to be anything ScreechOwl does with those gorgeous plant fiber scales.
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  8. RX-79G


    Jun 23, 2006
    Gerber MKII wide wasp straight edge:

  9. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    That general pattern tends to be my preferred regular carry in the woods. Just so handy and I like a pointy knife.
  10. Colorodo

    Colorodo Gold Member Gold Member

    May 23, 2014
    The one of a kinds made by our very own Knifemakers in the exchange.
  11. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    Beautiful classic knife. Looks just like the Blackjack 1-7 or the Randall.
  12. Spyder59


    Dec 26, 2014
    I've always thought the SOG Recon Bowie and the Seal Pup was one of the coolest looking blade design. There have been a few pictures already posted. By the way, know I'm being totally stupid but what does "TiTs beautiful" mean. [emoji41]
  13. Wolverine666

    Wolverine666 Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    The best looking fixed blade IMO is the Tom Brown Tracker. The TOPS version in particular I find absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous that I just ordered one for myself.
  14. gazz98

    gazz98 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    I like to think I'm a traditionalist when it comes to knives but I have to mention the Spyderco Schempp Rock. I don't know why but I love the look of it. I have handled it (gun show) and it is very comfortable in my hand. Some custom and beefier G10 or Micarta handles would be awesome.


    +1 to many others mentioned already.
  15. slg98

    slg98 Cove Dweller Gold Member

    Jul 7, 2013
    I like my JK Appalachian Special (Olivewood) and E01 Hunter (California Buckeye Burl)..


    Another fav of mine is one made by Haze a member here..

  16. wackafew

    wackafew Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 23, 2008
    I've always kind of liked the older Marble's knives.

  17. Delta1067


    Apr 21, 2009
  18. VanDammet

    VanDammet Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 30, 2015
    Hallelujah - I was going to say the exact same thing! In fact, my collection now consists mainly of those one-off wonders. I've got multiple knives from a few of the makers here, & without their names on the blades, I'd be hard pressed to guess which of the knives were made by the same maker (with some exceptions, of course). There are some cool production fixed blades out there, more every day, but for me it's these customs or it's nothing.
    EDT-1.jpg EDT-2.jpg Apache Hunter - 3.jpg Apache Hunter - 4.jpg Apache Hunter - 5.jpg
    These are two of my most recent purchases, & I think both of these knives are just freaking beautiful.
  19. KYenglish


    Nov 26, 2010

    JK tool
  20. rcb2000


    Apr 15, 2014

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