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  1. Chazzy151


    Mar 6, 2002
    I received my new Parogee a couple weeks ago and would like to express my thanks for a wonderful job at making a knife that REALLY exceeds my hopes !! Everything was perfect out of the box...what a bang for the buck... wish everyone would try one of these... a REAL winner... THANK YOU OUTDOOR EDGE !!!!!!!!!!!:)
  2. Geode


    May 12, 2001
    Yes, fit and finish are great - easily equal to the Camillus EDC. in fact, maybe even better from the viewpoint that the knife has smoother edges.

    Why is the Paragee so under talked about?

    Also, why not make it in S30V or D2 so it will rock the socks off of the Camillus and give that knife line a run for the money? They both have the same creative mind behind them - DDR.

    Same goes for the Magna? I don't own that one, but all of the writings suggest it is killer for the price.

    My $0.02.
  3. Firebat


    Dec 24, 2000
    Just wanted to BTT this thread as I *finally* got around to picking up a Paragee. (Still a "2001 first production run" model, too- hope they're selling ok...)

    Anyway, I have had a couple Camillus EDCs, and I honestly can't understand why the base 420HC EDC, when first released, overshadowed this seriously nice knife. The EDCs I had were nice knives, but this Paragee is far nicer. Feels much more refined and one of THE absolute smoothest knives I've ever had- bar none.

    Rock solid lock-up, great action, top notch fit and finish. If you were ever considering getting one, just do it. You won't regret it. Oh, and I think it's fair to mention that the Paragee is one of those knives that looks WAY better in person. None of the pictures I've seen online do it justice.

    Gotta be one of the best values out there today in the factory knife world.

    Thanks OE! You guys did a great job.

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