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WTT Marfione Custom DOC for a Diskin Revolution...

Discussion in 'Trade: Knives & Tools' started by Auto-Nerd, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. Auto-Nerd

    Auto-Nerd I got thumbs dude. Keep your flippers to yourself. Platinum Member

    Dec 31, 2019
    hi all,

    I have a gorgeous Marfione Custom Death On Contact (DOC) M/A with Apocalyptic Elmax blade, but I’m just not a flipper guy. It’s in excellent condition and comes with the original box, paperwork, metal COA, and fuzzy Marfione zippered pouch.

    C2AB1C2D-469F-410B-8C13-F20B4ED098DB.jpeg 82A42EE7-8720-4D4E-9B29-C49CC1B7E84A.jpeg 3D004009-3D6D-4C6D-B445-B0BCC8B17AC1.jpeg 120F2D59-ED84-4060-9A88-BF0AAC55F8AC.jpeg 1B233765-4D1F-44CB-B9E7-F816E7F7817F.jpeg 4279039C-A640-450B-B50B-CB47F6B9AF9F.jpeg 58C1D294-2F57-4D3D-A1C3-82D028F13916.jpeg 2D1BF075-6356-4764-BCD4-621CB14D139D.jpeg 9DD12832-E30E-4E69-804B-DA927C4E5954.jpeg

    This knife is not for sale at this time... I’m looking to trade it for a Matt Diskin Revolution. The Revolution doesn’t need to be in mint condition cosmetically. The main thing I care about is that it’s in good mechanical shape. If you’ve got one and you’re interested in trading gimme a shout.

    I’m really hoping for a Revolution, but if you have something interesting (especially automatics, d/a side-openers, discontinued Microtech/Marfione etc.), send me a PM.

    I’m also looking to pick up a John Gray Gravitron.

    Be advised that I’m not looking for anything with serrations and I’m not a huge fan of tanto blades (though I would consider the tanto model of the Revolution).

  2. Ben Reidy

    Ben Reidy

    Jun 22, 2018

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