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ZT, Southern Grind, Cold Steel, SOG

Discussion in 'For Sale: Folding Knives (Individual)' started by TheKnifeJunkie, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. TheKnifeJunkie

    TheKnifeJunkie Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 9, 2013
    Zero Tolerance 0920 - Centered, super-smooth, fall-shut action with a great sound. CPM 20CV blade is very sharp and has been stropped. Awesome milling on the ribbed and contoured handle. Discontinued model. $185 shipped to your door

    Southern Grind Bad Monkey - Great larger USA-made user, is perfectly broken-in and very sharp. Action has smooth PB feel with multiple deployment methods (thumb flick, Spydie flick, wave, etc) blade is centered. $135 shipped to your door

    Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto - S35VN blade is extremely sharp, Tri-ad lock is broken-in nicely and smooth (can thumb flick out the blade with no wrist-assist), drop-shut/great one-handed Tri-Ad action. Sold

    SOG Aegis AT - A classy update to their classic model, only this version has insanely hard-hitting assisted open, Cryo D2 blade steel, a stout build and a cool coloration. This one has seen a little backyard use (mostly vine slaying) and with that great blade shape, would make a great camp/food prep knife. $55 shipped to your door

    Thanks for looking.

    ZT-SG-CS-SOG.jpg ZT-SG-CS-SOG_2.jpg
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  2. jstn

    jstn Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 27, 2012
    PM sent on the Recon 1
  3. bcenots


    Jan 11, 2019
    possibly interested in the bad monkey... please email me at floordad @@@ gma1l.c0m
  4. Linh_T


    May 23, 2012
    I’ll take the zt0920

    *payment sent
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  5. pavhav


    Aug 25, 2019
    If still available, I'd take the Bad Monkey.
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  6. pavhav


    Aug 25, 2019
    Payment sent. Thanks.
  7. bcenots


    Jan 11, 2019
    wow, thanks

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